I don’t remember what happened, but LOL.

Anonymous said: I realized that Serena is one of the biggest Mary Sues on TV. -_-

She’s a Cancer in Gossip Girl and a Virgo IRL. Do with that useless information what you will. 

Anonymous said: Why is it that every guy S talks to for 5 minutes is "so in love" with her & willing to risk everything for someone theyve been with for a day? Dan(stepbrother), Nate(in a relationship w Blair for years), Gabriel(Con artist ending scam for her), Tripp(Married congressman risking his wife & job), Colin(Professor risking job), etc; These writers suck at having characters develop understandable feelings, instead every man is obsessed with SVW after one night together! (Literally)

She has a magical vagina.

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Lots of asks/ submissions in my inbox, but I’ll answer or post only a few at a time so as to not phunk up your dashs, ‘cause I hate that shit.

Anonymous said: omg ok she is being annoying because she juggles men around all the time like "oh i need to choose between dan and nate" ugh i hate how she thinks she can have whoever she wants and she has dated like 678974567 guys now ok UGH


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Anonymous said: OMFG What is up with S's lips? It's like she tries to do the duck face as she talks! She is the most selfish person on the entire show I'm on Season 3 right now, and damn she is so bitchy I am about to stop watching the show because I know she's the main character and she's not gonna get killed off which is the only thing that would make the show good. Except Taylor Momsen, what is she doing on this lame show?

When my mom does an S impersonation, she always puckers her lips, lol.

Anonymous said: i love serena:(

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Anonymous said: why do you hate serena so much?

You guys remember my mom and how she loooved S so much? Well, she actually started watching the show…it’s season 2, and she’s already like, “Okay, I get why you hate her now. She’s annoying.” AND THAT’S JUST SEASON 2 S! Can you imagine what she’s gonna say when she’s all caught up!

classicsalvation said: I realized that Cyrus is probably the only character on GG I actually liked. Also, I thought the series finale was kind of dumb. Is it just me or did Serena forgive Dan way too easily??? At the end when she was convincing everyone not be mad at Dan I was like "S are you smoking something"

If there’s anything I learned from the success of this blog, it’s that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I know. It makes no sense.

classicsalvation said: Also thanks for this blog. I honestly thought I must've been the only one who didn't like Serena. Now I know that I'm still sane

You’re welcome babycakes.